January 20, 2019

Our Founder Deborah A. Jackson

Many great things come from the hearts and minds of loving, caring people. Such is the case with Sonshine Christian Academy. Starting with a God-given vision, our beloved Deborah A. Jackson, founder, forsaw a place in which children could be nurtured in the admonition of the Lord while receiving an education of the highest standard of excellence.

Mrs. Jackson and her husband, David, made many sacrifices to make this vision become a reality. Beginning with only $500.00 and a church-leased building, she endeavored to make Sonshine not only possible, but relevant!

The school first leased space in the Southeast Apostolic Mission in 1982. Moving from there, the school leased space from the Catholic Diocese at Pope John 23. After several years, the school relocated to its famous Mock Road location, then to the New Covenant Believers’ Church Focus Center.

In 2010, the school relocated to its present location on Gladstone Avenue, in the former Gladstone Elementary School building. This new facility is well equipped to encourage our growth and the expansion of our vision.

The school and its staff have stood the test of time. After the passing of our founder in 1999, the school has continued to flourish and now celebrates its 30th year Anniversary!

Our school currently serves approximately 200 students. We are living and educating on purpose! We are training our students to be scholars and leaders in this community and throughout the world.

After 30 years, Sonshine continues to be a “ray of hope for our children.” To God be the Glory for all that He has done!