November 23, 2017

Support Us

Your thoughtful contributions help us to meet our operating cost obligations. Volunteering your time is another way that you can assist us. We are in need of volunteers to serve as lunch room monitors, playground monitors and office aides.

If you choose to join with us as a philanthropic leader, we are pleased to inform you that the entire amount of your cash gift represents a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes under requirements of the Internal Revenue Service. In-kind gifts and gifts of your time are also tax deductible (Please consult your tax preparer about the specific rules for these types of gifts). Please know that however you choose to contribute, your gift to Sonshine Christian Academy helps us to carry out our mission and enable us to be A Ray of Hope for Our Children.

Your donation will allow us to continue our legacy of being a
Ray of Hope for our Children.

Contributions are tax deductible.